Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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Waiting On - Waiting For.

There's times of desperation, when

We know not which way to turn -

And we cry to God for direction

His precious will to learn.

But oft He holds back

To foster in us - the peace

Of accepting and waiting - which we lack.

Waiting on God 'til we are ready,

His purpose in time He'll make known

And we shall see it all so clearly -

Because we patiently trusted,

Knowing full well - He is on the Throne.

Waiting for God - 'til He is ready,

How often we think He's forgot.

He took our little seed of prayer

And planted it in heaven above,

Then watered it with "The dew of His Holiness"

And fertilized it with His love.

Quietly we learn to trust Him

As He tends our little seed -

And our hearts learn a lesson

That in His time - and for our best design

He'll answer our prayer - in a way we need,

And so surely we shall know

How lovingly He tended our seed.


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