Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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In a sheltered cove surrounded by rocks

We find peace as the waves crash in,

'Tis a lovely sound - and much froth abounds,

There's no desire to reach out,

We ask no more than to be safe on the shore.

But when we stay near to the shore

Rocks clutter the path

And sandbanks rise to the fore,

Sheltered maybe - but disastrous to those

Who let down their anchor - their lives to moor.

The devil is quick and cunning

When we cling to the rocks near the shore,

We miss so much of the beauty

Because we fail to launch out -

And avail ourselves - from His treasure store.

Our prayer rises high - as we cry

Lord - send us out to sea,

Into the deep ocean of Thy love,

That we might learn - to trust in Thee

And gain a glorious victory.


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of the Beales Family and may not be copied or reproduced

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