Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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The Transfiguration

Why not build a shelter

On the mountain top.

Peter sought his Lords consent.

What better a place

Could we wish to be

Away from the crowd - and so close to Thee.

But down in the valley - Jesus replied

There's a work to be done.

A Father distressed

As he pleads for his son.

The disciples could only look on in despair -

As the boy writhed and foamed

So utterly alone.

When Jesus descended from the mountain top

With the three - privileged to be a part,

The Father pleaded with him to heal his son.

Torn inside with grief - he cried,

Lord I believe - help Thou my unbelief -

As he watched Jesus command the boys relief.

Oh yes - 'tis great to be high on the mountain

Enveloped in perfect love -

And we need such times

To renew our strength - utterly given to prayer -

We feel again the oil as it flows

And share in the privilege of Kings of old.

But we must return to the valley,

There's so much work to be done.

We must share with others the Truths we know.

Jesus our Saviour - The Cross - The Crown,

Time is short - there's so much ploughing to be done

In the valley of souls - yet to be won.

26/10/86 Rev. Hines Sermon

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