Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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Free Yes, Free Indeed

Fires kindled by the ungodly

Can so easily draw us -

When we are wallowing

In such a self pity - or slight,

and 'ere we have thought

We have found ourselves

Denying our Lord - and what is right.

Careful we must be - of company we keep,

People will judge by our morals,

We - are His Bible to the wayward throng -

And even tho they claim no creed

They'll be quick to point the finger

If our behaviour seems wrong.

Let's be so careful in a testimony for their need.

Peter was so sure of his love -

Willing to follow His Lord to the grave

And yet - on that dreadful night

He was found - warming by fires of the ungodly,

Denying his beloved Lord -

Caught up in a vicious circle of fear -

He forgot - to be free - there must be a Calvary.

Free yes - Free indeed -

The wonderful experience for those

Who've heeded the call - and recognised their need -

To come to the cross

And accept Jesus as Lord,

The cleansing blood - that He affords.

Praise God - Jesus was willing to carry the cost.


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