Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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Easter 1987

Easter the time of thanksgiving

For the Saviour - who died on the cross,

His precious blood shed - that we

Could be cleansed from all sin and dross.

Oh the shame and suffering

Which led to that 'hour',

The crowd - who so recently had seen miracles unfold -

Now - they were shouting - vying for power.

Power to set a murderer free

And condemn an innocent man -

To a cruel death on a Tree.

So quiet Jesus stood - murmured never a word -

He knew He must die - in order that we could be free.

So thankful am I - for His saving grace -

And for His promise in Eternal life

To prepare me a place.

In humbleness I kneel to say -

But for the grace of God -

I too - would be with the angry mob.


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