Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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There's so many special rooms

In this vast and wonderful world,

Rooms where treaties for peace have been signed

And together their flags unfurled.

Great things have laid in silence

After death had taken its toll -

And thousands of people have filed past

To thank God for their earthly role.

Then there's rooms where sickness

Showed forth to a world outside

A conquering spirit of strength -

And patience - born from the hurt inside.

There's dark bare rooms - called prison cells,

Housing some who deserve their deserts,

But others - like the great Apostle Paul,

From his prison cell - came his greatest works.

Then there's that very special room

Set aside for a new born babe -

It's called the nursery -

And oft has the magic of Alladin's Cave.

Last comes the most important room,

The upper room - long since crumbled to dust,

The place where Jesus assured us

Of His great love - and the need to trust.

Daily seek solace in the "upper room",

Doubts and fears will disappear

As in faith we reach out -

And in the glory of His promise - draw near.


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