Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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I need Thee so much

I need Thee so much Lord -

As I face each day

And I think of the pressures

I may have to face along the way.

I need Thy loving touch - so much.

I need Thee so much Lord

When Satan creeps in - in his subtle way

To try and topple me - from off the rock

On which I stand - help me not to sway.

I need Thee so much - every moment of each day.

I need Thee so much Lord

When fingers point at me

And I feel like an alien -

Because the blood you shed has set me free.

I need strength to keep my heart set firm in Thee.

I need Thee so much Lord -

As in my life I try to show,

In thought and word and deed

Your love poured out - That others may see

The fulfillment of your love expressed in me.

Oh the love poured out

In that precious blood on Calvary.

Fulfillment of the promise - of Bible prophecy.

We should ever Praise Thy name - Thy willingness

To give your life - in such agony and shame - to set us free.


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