Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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Psalm 126 & 56

Oh the tears as they sowed

The last sack of corn -

Into ground they'd carefully prepared.

They were hungry and needed courage

To face up to the days ahead.

A meagre diet until the time

When that sack of corn

Would bring forth a bountiful harvest -

Of golden grain - but yet again they would have to retain

Enough - that a future crop would be secure and blest.

Like a sea of gold it swayed in the wind -

When ripe to gather in,

And oh what joy - the whole family to employ.

They worked with a will - rejoicing -

Bringing in the sheaves - and weeping tears of Joy.

What a day it will be

When Gods harvest we see -

And we are part of that mighty throng,

Oh yes - there'll be tears

And rejoicing - the time come - the waiting all gone.


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