Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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God can only work in lives fully surrendered to Him,

If you hold back the least little part -

His work of revival - just cannot begin.

Warming up to be nearer to God,

We need to continually study His word and pray -

Lets not be inconsistent - in following the path our forefathers trod.

Joel looked to the time when the Spirit would fill

Not just cover lives - as the saints of old know,

The building shook that day when prophecy was fulfilled.

The disciples were accused of being drunk with wine,

So ecstatic were they - filled with His love divine -

And thousands were saved that day - new life to find.

When will there be a revival?

Not while there's diversion and strife - God cannot do a great work

Without harmony between brothers and sisters in Christ.

Lets not be critical of what seems to us - out of place,

Accept each other in understanding and love.

If we do - He will open Heavens gate - and pour out His grace.

Into me and into you - so filled with His love and Holy Spirit -

We shall be compelled to go - into the Highways and byways -

To proclaim - "Salvation in Jesus" and love without limit.

18/1/87 (Geoff's Sermon)

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