Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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I see it and I feel it-

His presence all around.

I see it in the sky above

And I feel it in the ground.

I feel His love surge thro me

As I touch and smell,

Natures beauty - His Creation -

And a fascination grips me - for rocks and stones as well.

I look up to the sky and see

Fluffy white clouds floating by -

And travel thro country so vast

And sometimes - Oh so dry.

I climb up a mountain

The water rushes down -

And I look into the distance

At the speck of a town.

How can I just sit back

And believe it came by chance?

When someone comes up with weird answers

Based on what they call facts.

In the beginning God said

He created this world -

And I rest truly believing

While the world continues to whirl.


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of the Beales Family and may not be copied or reproduced
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