Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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Way into the horizon

We see shapes and colours

Misted - by the distance it spans,

And we cannot know - 'til the miles have rolled

The beauty of that far off land.

We look into Gods horizon -

Our life - He holds in His hand,

And it would not be good

If we understood - all

That in His wisdom he has planned.

His horizons unfold as we follow His way -

And there are many roadblocks saying "Stop".

Sometimes there's a lump in our throat -

And tho we try hard -

The tears just continue to drop.

Then farther along the road we find -

There's loneliness we can't understand -

And as we slow down - the rough road to go round

He reaches down and holds us -

In the hollow of his hand.

Then the mountain high we climb

And the view from the top is great.

It took all the gears to get there

And we feel in His presence -

We're at Heavens gate.

The horizon of Gods promised land,

That wonderful place - so grand.

No sorrow - no tears - no hunger - no Whys ?

And new life in Christ.


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