Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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My Mum

When my Mum shared a thought with me

As a little girl - and I questioned,

How did she know - her answer -

"A little bird told me so".

I often wondered what kind -

This clever little bird could be,

Surely not a sparrow or a crow

Could have knowledge of such mysteries.

Maybe it was the Robin

We fed with crumbs from the cake,

It's bright red breast a reminder

Of the blood Jesus shed - for our sake.

I'll ever give thanks for my Mum,

She taught me so many things -

To pray the prayer - "Our Father in Heaven"

And how beautifully she could sing.

She sang of being washed - "In the blood of the Lamb"

And to be kept near the cross where He died.

Always her life was a fountain of love -

'til the day she passed to His side.


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