Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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Power in the Blood

There's power in the crimson flowing blood

Poured out on Calvary.

The Saviour promised so long

Became a reality -

And on the Cross - He died - to set us free.

Free from the bondage of sin -

When we open our hearts and let Him in.

So simple a child can understand

And stretch forth a little trusting hand.

Yet so hard for many in this world of sin,

They've meddled with Truth - and it's become

Swallowed in a myriad of worldly things -

Compromising and lies, 'til finally

The "Truth" is unrecognised.

The Holy Spirit will not always strive,

And sad tho it may be - many will be lost

Because they refused to be free.

Under the umbrella of - "She'll by right mate"

Many will not find the open gate -

And enter the City of God and Eternity.

But Praise God - even prayer for forgiveness

In the last breath we take

Will be acceptable to Thee - and open up Heavens gate.

But lets not be foolish and leave it to chance,

'Cos we know not the day or the hour

When our pilgrimage in this world

Will finally be o'er

And there can never be a second chance.

5/1/87 (Greg's Sermon)

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