Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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New Years Day l987

No heat or drought can parch the river

Where streams flow - making glad the City of God.

There's an unending flow from deep within

When we continually lift our hearts to Him.

Whatever this New Year holds for us

Is already in the plan of His will,

And daily we must seek strength-

His precious will to fulfill.

No matter whatever the cause may be,

It will be in His blessed control -

And tho we may shrink - lets remember

His loving breast - whereon we may roll.

There's sure to be hills and valleys

And stark dry deserts too.

We'll reach out in faith believing,

His promises are sure - for me and for you.

May the year bring a harvest of souls,

And reapers to gather them in.

Who knows? Jesus may come in His Glory

And lift His Church out - from a world of sin.


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