Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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The Dayspring from on High

Oh precious thought

As I draw near,

My heart bursts forth in song

That drowns all fear.

Like Zachara's Spirit filled - rejoicing

I know the Dayspring from on high is near.

A Holy babe - yet in a stable born.

The wise men questioned Herod - and he was filled with fear.

He felt his Kingship threatened

By the baby Jesus - Mary held so dear.

This promised thing - foretold down thro the ages

Would bring a peace - dampened by many tears.

Oh precious Jesus - by all but few rejected.

Mary watched them crucify her son she held so dear.

Then as you cried "Father forgive them"

Those men were filled with fear -

But the thief had already found

A Saviour - so dear.

Thank you Jesus - for the flood you shed

And full pardon when to Thee we draw near.

Know the indwelling of Thy Holy Spirit

And perfect peace - which casts out fear.


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