Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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Many times I've thought it was the end of the road,

But when I reached it - what seemed to be the end

Was just another bend.

It all seemed so different - when the corner I'd turned,

Things seemed to have a brand new look

And I paused beside a lovely bubbling brook.

I cupped my hands - and quenched my thirst

And rested awhile under the trees,

Watched as the flowing water - carried away the leaves.

How much like life - these leaves and their fate.

Some dropped and were trapped in pools near the side.

Others fell midstream and were carried along on a rushing bouncy ride.

'Tis sad when in life we cling to the bank,

Like the leaves - there's nothing much left to live for -

So we just sit back and watch others - passing thro opening doors.

Reach out into the fast running current midstream,

Stand up and be counted - Say what you mean -

Don't let your life pass away like a dream.

Unfulfilled - with no goal ahead,

There;s a reward in Heaven

When Jesus we know - and hearts are filled with God given leaven.


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