Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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How often we fret and suffer

Over troubles that never come,

Instead of completely trusting Jesus

And resting in His power alone.

The devil is always busy

Along this earthly road we tread.

And he litters it with bundles - glossily wrapped

To waylay us, from forging ahead.

We wear ourselves out as we pause

To look - for the treasure inside,

But all we find - is a waste of time -

And we've just been taken for a ride.

Refuse to be drawn by these bundles -

Don't touch - they are devilish things,

Just look ahead to Jesus - a prayer for strength

And you'll be born along - "On Eagles wings".

When the baby eaglet is learning to fly

and in exhaustion or fear starts to lose ground -

the Mother Eagle swoops down underneath

and lifts it to safety - bearing it on her

wings. Jesus will do the same for us.


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of the Beales Family and may not be copied or reproduced
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