Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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A Toowoomba Fog

A thick fog is covering the City

And there's a need to switch on the lights,

Great care to be taken when driving,

Especially when duty calls out in the night.

As I walked to post a letter -

The trees looked like ghosts,

The fog covered their real beauty and splendour,

And I could so easily have bumped into a post.

How this fog has brought to memory -

Way back many years ago,

When my life was shrouded in a fog

Of worldly things - before my Saviour I came to know.

Then one day when singing a closing hymn -

The Holy Spirit made it all so bright,

The fog cleared and thro it

Was revealed - such spiritual light.

Now I could see so clearly - Why

That cruel death on the Cross,

'Twas the culmination of Gods wonderful plan -

A living sacrifice - the only hope - between God and man.

Oh the joy when the fog of ignorance lifts

And the sun of understanding shines thro.

Eternal life with Jesus,

There's new beauty - even the grass is greener too.

Now day by day - the sun always shines

Even thro the densest fog,

Prayer and Praise and Thanksgiving

Clears the way - as I follow His footsteps - in the sod.


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