Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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Spring In The Garden

In the garden 'tis Spring

And oh the beauty it brings

Draped with May - lined with

Purples and pinks -

It becomes one great bouquet

Of flowers and things.

Its a feeling I can't explain

As we behold the miracle,

New life - new hope

Only Our Father in Heaven

Could bring about.

There's an air of expectancy

Like that of a Bride -

As she walks the aisle

To her Bridegrooms side.

We too - are clothed as a bride

As we watch for the appearing

Of our King in the skies.

Draped in a garment

Whiter than snow

And perfumed with a myriad

Of Gods own flowers,

Just like the garden

Now draped in Spring -

Showers of white pink and green,

A bouquet of love - our Saviour to bring.

It's just a glimpse

Of the beauty and joy -

Our hearts will know

When we meet our Bridegroom -

The King of Kings - and to Him bow.


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