Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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Thy Grace is Sufficient

When I wake up in the morning

And I commit my day to Thee -

In thankfulness I praise you

Knowing whatever the test may be -

Thy grace is sufficient for me.

As I reach out in prayer

Not knowing your plans for me

As the day unfolds,

I call to mind Paul's pleading - and your answer being

My grace is sufficient for Thee.

So - like Paul I feel honoured in reproaches

And distresses for Jesus name,

I hold in my heart such a treasure store

Of beauty and holiness -

Enough - that His grace to me is the same.

For when I am weak

Then I am strong - in Thy love poured into me,

And tho Satan may try to cross my path,

In the blood you shed - is my victory,

And so surely, "Thy grace is sufficient for me".

At the close of day

My heart o'erflows - In

Thankfulness and praise - and the privilege

Of yet another day - lived for Thee -

And fulfillment of the promise - "Thy grace is sufficient for me".


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