Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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Shade and Light

A pillar of cloud by day

And fire by night.

Oh what joy to travel the road

In such shade and light.

So privileged were those ancient people

Guided by celestial light -

And shaded by day under the glory of cloud

They walked as in a forest - sheltered from the bright sunlight.

We too are among the privileged

And share in this wonderful joy,

The light and shade of Gods glory

Covers us - as in His service we employ.

There's times when we walk in the valley

And there's nothing but shade it seems,

Life has lost its Joy - 'til one day

Way in the distance - we catch a glimpse of a lone sunbeam.

Other times a burning fire of desire

Fills our hearts to the full.

We pray for His leading - as we feel His pull,

And for strength - His precious will in our lives to fulfill.

Oh the joy of being part of Gods family,

And plain sailing tho it all my not be,

For us - in the new dispensation -

The way of the Cross - ushers in Eternity.


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