Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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In Thought - Word and Deed

Sweet Jesus let Thy Holy Spirit

Flow from my soul indeed -

In a never ending stream

Of thought and word and deed

To fill anothers need.

The prayer, that rises high

For one who needs - so much Thy love,

Labouring under a fantasy

That by our own effort - we shall dwell with Thee

In Heaven above.

The word, in season to proclaim

How Jesus gave His life -

Our sins to bear - On the Cross,

That in His sweet name

We can be forgiven - and received into Heaven.

The deed, - how oft opportunity abounds

To show our love - with outstretched helping hand,

When we see such wanting all around -

And pray that another

Searching soul - will understand.

Entrusting our lives to Thee -

Forever we shall dwell in the company

Of saints - Our song of praise will swell

And fill eternity - where forever

Our dwelling place shall be with Thee.


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