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The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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Coming Home

When the Prodigal son

His substance had squandered -

In riotous living and greed -

And all that was left, was the herd

Of pigs - His job to feed

And the grind of an empty stomach

Lacking food for its need,

Then his thoughts drifted back to his homeland

And a Father - Who - unknown to him

Seemed to sense his young sons need.

Daily he peered into the distance,

So sure that he would return -

And he bore no malice or hatred

In his heart,

For his boy who had left home,

Seeking the pleasures of the world -

Using money he had not earned.

Like our Father in Heaven he'd forgiven

And still held him dear in his heart,

Then one day he saw him coming,

Penitent and sorry,

Willing to take the place of a servant

In the home where he'd previously been a part,

But his Father reached out

And welcomed his son

And completely wiped out - the wrong he had done.

Jesus is always ready and waiting

For those who to Him will come,

On the Cross - He cried to His Father

To forgive those

Who understood not what they done.

He shed His blood that sinners could come -

And no matter how far away we've roamed

He'll always be watching for us to come home.

Like the Father in days of old

He'll welcome us - and in His blood

Completely wipe out the wrong we've done.

So - when like the Prodigal son

The end of your tether has come -

And you know not which way to turn,

Remember - Jesus is waiting -

And it's never too late - To return.

10/11/86 Rev Knights Sermon

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