Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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Acceptable unto Thee oh Lord -

Thro the blood that spilled - on Calvary

I pray my life will be.

Comfort is mine, knowing the future ahead

Is in Thy hand,

And in whatever situation - you'll understand.

Favour I pray - in service for Thee

I seek Thy will -

Only - in my life to fulfill.

Blessing abundant day by day

For those who choose

The narrow way.

Promise of Eternity - with Thee to be,

Clothed in a raiment of purity,

Oh Holy day - when on "That Tree" - you died for me.

Praise shall surround Thy throne on high,

And in a chorus of Hallelujahs - we all shall sing

Jesus our Saviour - "King of Kings".


These poems are copyright and always remain the property
of the Beales Family and may not be copied or reproduced
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