Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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Wonder - Love and Praise

Being lost in wonder - love and praise

How beautiful when thus we spend our days.

The Wonder of the price He paid -

And the open tomb wherein His body laid -

The beauty of it all.

The Lilies of the Valley - their perfume rare

As we work among them - His forgiving love to share.

The Love - no earthly love surpasses,

He gave His all - our hearts His love should know,

And day by day as we draw closer to Him

His love to others we shall show.

Alongside we shall draw - as did our Saviour

As He walked the dusty roads, and heard the cry of broken lives -

He lovingly stretched forth His hand and made them whole.

Oh Praise His precious name from deep inside,

Let it flow as a rushing incoming tide.

In thought and word and deed

To fulfill anothers need - and share

The love - which is our creed.

He so freely gave - let us not lack in giving praise

As hearts and hands to Him we raise.


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