Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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Happy is that people - whose God is the Lord,

Who day by day find refuge in His Grace -

And in songs of Praise

Lift up their voice - to reach the Holy Place.

Who when struck by some cruel blow

From those who shun Thy Love

Can rise again - upright - Thy love to show,

And in Thy strength press on

To realms above.

Help me to willingly accept Thy will

And pressing on - trusting Thee -

Lifting my hands in prayer - that

Thou wilt deal bountifully with me.

Compass me about I pray - and protect

From workers of iniquity -

And the mouth that speakest vanity

Forever let me raise a song of joy

And perpetual Praise to Thee.


These poems are copyright and always remain the property

of the Beales Family and may not be copied or reproduced

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