Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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A rich man is he

Who at the end of the week

Accepts his pay cheque -

Without any regrets.

He knows he's done a good job

At his work -

Given of his very best

And so - with conscience clear

He accepts the pay that he gets.

What you put in -

Whether in work or play

Is the amount you'll surely take out.

There's a feeling of achievement

When you've given of your best.

A cup with full measure -

Is for those

Who pass this test.

In our Christian life

The old proverb still applies -

And we should spend much time

In prayer - for guidance and strength

To encourage those - the fulfilment to know,

And lives that will show

How much we care - and the love we share,

Because others will measure us

By the cup that o'er flows.

So - fill up your cup with the first fruits

Of all that you are and have,

Donít count the cost -

You'll reap more than you lost.

Jesus didn't hesitate

He gave "His all on the Cross".

We must show others in this world we live

How much better it is to give and give,

To put all of ourselves in showing to others.

Because love that's not shared

Can only bring sorrow - our Saviour to bear.


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