Sacred Verse

The Second Book of Inspirational Poetry by Irene Beales

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The Two of Us

We knelt before the "Throne of Grace"

The two of us.

But when we rose - our hearts indwelt by Thee

We two walking with Thee

Had become three.

Like the disciples of old on the Emmaus road

You walked beside -

Your gracious will to unfold.

Day and night you led the way

Thro hills and dales and into sandy bays.

Then one day when descending from a mountain high

We came upon a pool -

Where crystal water mirrored the deep blue sky.

Pausing we drank - to quench our thirst -

Then in humbleness we prayed -

Lord not only our thirst -

But let our whole bodies by immersed.

Take our wills - our love - our lives

And drown them - as aa living sacrifice.

Oh Happy Day - what joy we shared

As day by day for us you cared.

Long years have passed and many a trial -

And one has already been drawn

Thro the Holy veil.

Sweet Jesus keep me strong and true

'til my loved one I see - when you call me to you.

'til then we still are three -

'Cos you've got one arm around Steve

And one around me.

10/9/86 Steve's Birthday

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